Top 10 Sights Barcelona

What are the main attractions during your city trip to Barcelona? What are the highlights and attractions you should visit in Barcelona, ​​Spain?
Below you will find the 10 most beautiful places in the Catalan city of Barcelona, ​​from the Sagrada Familia to Park Guell and from the Picasso Museum to Gaudi's special buildings such as Casa Mila and Casa Batlló.

1) The unfinished church of Gaudi, or the Sagrada Familia.
The most famous landmark of Spain and Barcelona. The expectation is that the unfinished church will be completed in 2026. Do you want to visit the Sagrada Familia? So buy your skip-the-line tickets online because the Sagrada Familia has long queues and pre-booking tickets is essential during your city trip to Barcelona.
Sagrada Familia Barcelona and Tickets
La Sagrada Familia is a beautiful Catholic church in Barcelona that is not over yet. It is considered one of the major attractions of Spain. Visit the church and discover the grandeur of Gaudí in these architectural wonders.
The full name is also called Basílica in the Expiatori temple of the Sagrada Familia. The construction of this church has already begun in 1882, so some parts that are already finished must be renewed again! During the Spanish Civil War, the building was stationary for a while. The planned year for the church will be completed in 2026. Whether it is feasible or not depends on how many donations the visitors bring. The Sagrada Familia is also called the Expiatory Church and can only be paid with donations. In the 1980s, the entrance fee for the church increased, so additional funds could be spent on the building. In part, construction is now much faster because it attracts many people. Although the church is not yet finished, it was already November 7, 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI. It takes its name from the basilica.
Quite wise, a building that has existed for over a hundred years has become the biggest attraction of the city of Barcelona. Of course, I'm talking about the Sagrada Familia, the life of Antoní Gaudi. You can see your skies already high in the tower of your plane, which I think rightly, the "unfinished" symbol of Barcelona. Look for a tourist magazine in the city without the postcards of the famous penitentiary.
The Sagrada Familia is not only the emblem of Barcelona, ​​but also the most popular tourist attraction. It is a unique building with a very ambitious architecture. It is still incomplete Although the construction of this great project began in 1886, the state of completion was planned not before 2026. This year the architect Gaudi died exactly 100 years ago, the signature of the church Modernism designer in its uniqueness. Due to the construction and history of the church, this UNESCO World Heritage site is a must for anyone arriving in Barcelona.
La Sagrada Família is a monumental church located in the center of Barcelona, ​​in the Eixample district. Over the years, the Sagrada Familia has become one of the most famous symbols of the city and of Spain. Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece is visited by millions of people every year and many also study architectural and religious content. The Temple of the Sagrada Familia, whose construction began in 1882, has always been built with donations. Construction is still ongoing and can be completed in 2026 as calculated.
The Sagrada Familia is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Barcelona. Waiting time for the cathedral can take several hours. This is mainly due to the limited number of visitors that can be in the cathedral at the same time. All parts of the cathedral cannot always be visited. Sometimes work in the cathedral prevents access to certain parts. The slightest possibility of long queues is to visit the Sagrada Familia early in the morning.
The church is still under construction. Some parts of the main structure still need to be started. A 170 meter high tower, not yet built, surrounded by four smaller towers, will meet Christ among the evangelists. The church is a few meters below Montjuïc, the highest hill in the city. Gaudí said in his own words, out of respect for the Creator: he does not want to go further with his construction in height. A good example of the impact of modern technology - for the time when the original design of the church is the light that will shine from the cross on the highest tower in Barcelona as a place.

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